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Cupuacu Butter

Cupuacu is a tree that grows in the tropical rainforests of the amazon basin, and commonly comes from Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. It's actually the national fruit of Brazil. In central and south America, cupuacu is used to make food product such as snack bars and ice cream.  The butter made from cupuacu seeds has a lot of fatty acids including stearic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and arachidic acid - a perfect mixture of saturated fatty acids and unsaturated ones that makes the butter to be absorbed quickly into the skin. The Cupuacu Butter is an excellent emollient that restores elasticity to the skin while providing anti-oxidants and hydration. It is used to prevent dry skin, wrinkles, and restores flexibility to the skin. It is also rich in several B vitamins and antioxidants including vitamin A and C.

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